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Soul Coaching, Spiritual Healing and Guidance:

An intuitive session opens the way for you to receive guidance from your own soul as our psychic medium channels information about your blockages and what you need to work through in order to reach your full potential. This clear and inspirational guidance can then help you to understand and even open to life experiences and lessons in times of challenge, transition and uncertainty. This is a powerful healing and transformational session for those who want profound insights into how they can grow into deeper awareness of self.

Overcome challenges via Divine channeled guidance from Spirit, the Angelic realm. Receive understanding, clarity and support. Understand your Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose.

Life Transformation

“Heal the past – Reprogram for a better future. Create your life how you want it!”

These personalised coaching sessions offer the opportunity to explore challenges / goals in a safe and supportive environment, working with the tools & Higher Wisdom offered by both Western & Eastern traditions to increase understanding of core underlying issues and develop a practical approach to achieving positive results. As a healing intuitive it is David’s intention to make you feel more hopeful, and more believing in your ability to live in your own wellness, and for you to be more focused on what you want so that you can be in balance when it shows up. AND it will show up because you have asked for it.

This session is for you if:

* You would like to discover who you can be.
* You would like to get tuned into who you really are.
* You would like to make the best decisions possible from the place of knowing and feeling you Highest Self, your greatest potential and possibility.

With authentic presence and healing touch, David brings consciousness to the fears and blockages within our body and mind, and then works to accept, transmute and heal them.

First session (90 minutes): 4,900 THB
Follow up (60 minutes): 3,300 THB
3- Session Life Transformation Coaching Package: 11,000 THB

“Just one session with David helped me let go of the stress that had accumulated over the past year; even more valuable are the techniques I learnt to help manage stress in the future.” ~ Tessa Jenkins, London

*** David G Arenson and his services do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or disease. Although David’s services are powerful, they are not intended to replace the advice of a qualified medical professional. As with any health condition, please consult your medical professional for treatment when appropriate.

Please contact David for further information on how he can help you:

Healings are available in person, by phone or via Skype. David can also perform a healing for the person of your choice by using a picture and with just their name and birthdate.
Access the Divine. Illuminate your Soul.

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I am blessed to have been charged by Spirit with such a grand mission. Your assistance will help with my travel expenses to the places I have been directed to by my angels and guides to share messages and healing to those in need. By the same token, I am here in SERVICE to you. Requests can be sent via email (