David’s Story

Born in South Africa, David has travelled the world learning healing and wisdom, working in over 10 countries. As a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Life Coach, David’s passion has been wellness, life transformation and healing for many years following his own personal journey from recovering from childhood illness and emotional exhaustion. Now as a writer and motivational speaker, he continues to expand and develop his work in personal development as a communicator, intuitive healer and wellness ambassador.

As a contemporary spiritual teacher, he does not belong to any particular religion or tradition, yet mindfully explores many paradigms from meditation to some of the world’s esoteric and shamanic traditions. He has studied a variety of paradigms from the East and the West for healing and transformation including Taoism, Buddhism, Tantra, Qabbalah, NLP and Life Coaching. David spent 3 years in the holy land studying ancient and mystical texts (including the bible), Aramaic and bibilical Hebrew. His extensive training includes Qi Gong under Master Chen in WudangShan China and under famous Taoist Grand Master Mantak Chia in Thailand. He has also trained in Meditation under Ajahn Brahm, one of the “world’s 7 leading meditation masters.”

David’s extensive experience in the holistic field has included working with individuals and corporate clients across Australasia, USA, Caribbean and the Middle East, including having been Master Practitioner at the World’s Number 1 Luxury resort (World Travel Awards 2012), Wellness Consultant for the World’s Leading Luxury Resort Brand (2010), Visiting Practitioner at the “World’s Best Destination Spa,” and Holistic Instructor at the Best Destination Spa in the World.

Blessed with his gifts a since childhood, David is passionate about weaving together Eastern and Western traditions, going deep into the nature of things, understanding their cause and creating a bridge between worlds, supporting changes and creating lasting healing.

Please email: davidgarenson@gmail.com for consulting inquiries.
What is my passion?
I am dedicated to the global upliftment of individuals and humanity and the planet Gaia we share.

Why ‘Transformational Medicine?’

I promote health, wellness, sustainability, organic farming, purity, love, and bringing back the soul of medicine.

According to Dr. Ballantine, transformational medicine is “used as support and encouragement so that the patient is able to go through their own personal process of transformation. In other words, this is based on the understanding that illness is like a block along the road. It’s not something that comes out of the blue for no reason. It’s not like, “Oh, I was so unlucky to be exposed to a microbe and therefore I came down with this illness which is an interference with my life and has no relevance to my life.” In fact, when we get sick, it is relevant to our life. If this is what’s going on in your life right now, then this is really the doorway to taking the next step into your future, and opening up all the potential that it holds for you.

Illness is not something to be skirted or suppressed or avoided or somehow negated. It’s rather something to be embraced and dealt with because it takes us where we really are longing to go.”

“The root cause of all illness can be imbalance of a person’s soul caused by disruption in the pattern of the soul’s movement in the body, intrusions by foreign spirits, or outright soul loss brought about by spiritual or physical trauma. Shamans are aware of the fact that the physical symptoms of an illness must also treated, and medicines are used in addition to spiritual healing.

The spiritual aspect of the illness, however, is important because the physical symptom alone is not the true problem. Spirit intrusion and soul loss suppress the body’s natural capacity to heal itself, so unless the spiritual ailment is cured, the physical ailment will never be healed.”
–Sarangerel Riding Windhorses. A Journey into the Heart of Mongolian Shamanism.

Know yourself, Be yourself, Love yourself.

Spa Experience

The BodyHoliday leSport, St Lucia, West Indies – Holistic Specialist, Master Practitioner, Wellness Instructor
MesaStila Wellness Retreat, Java, Indonesia – Master Practitioner, Spa Trainer, Wellness Consultant
Chiva Som International Health Resort, Thailand – Visiting Consultant, Wellness Instructor, Training
Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives – Master Practitioner
Six Senses Sanctuary, Thailand – Naturopath, Wellness Consultant, Wellness Instructor
Six Senses Earth Spa, Thailand – Wellness Consultant
Six Senses Ninh Vin Bay, Vietnam – Visiting Practitioner
Six Senses Nha Trang, Vietnam – Visiting Practitioner
Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa, Vietnam – Director of Wellness
Pilgrimage Village, Vietnam – Holistic Instructor, Wellness Consultant, Master Practitioner
Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Australia – Work Experience Graduate Program
Goldendoor Retreat Elysia, Australia – Work Experience Graduate Program
Goldendoor Health Retreat, Australia – Work Experience Training
Fountainhead Organic Health Retreat, Australia – Marketing and Wellness Consultant
The Health Retreat, Australia – Wellness Consultant, Guest Manager

Accredited member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association Limited, 2010
Listed on the Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council, Australia, 2010
Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner, International Practitioners & Coaches Association, 2010
Hypnotherapist Certification with International Practitioners and Coaches Association, 2010

Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Medical Herbology), Australia
Communication Design (Diploma), South Africa
Clinical Aromatherapy (Cert IV), Australia
Coaching for Life and Business (Cert IV), Australia

Qi Gong (Cert), China Wudang Kungfu Academy, China
Chi Nei Tsang (Cert), Tao Centre, Grand Master Mantak Chia, Thailand
Taoist Healing (Cert), Universal Tao, Grand Master Mantak Chia, Thailand
Cranio-Sacral Therapy (Cert), Orion Healing Centre, Thailand
Usui Reiki 1, Reiki II, Reiki Master, Australia
Seichem Egyptian Energy Healing, Reiki Master, Australia
Ecclesiastical Counseling, Jerusalem
Kahuna Lomi Lomi Massage (Cert), USA
Clinical Hypnotherapy (Cert), Australia
NLP (Cert), (1, 2, NLP Master), Australia
Intuitive Development
AromaTouch (Cert), Australia
Shamanic Energy Healing, USA
ISTA Training Level 1, Australia
Sacred Symbols Activation / Galactic Reiki, Australia
Vipassana Meditation 10-day courses (Goenka and Sayagyi U Ba Khin)
Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation 9-day with Ajahn Brahm, Australia
Buddhist Meditation Sutta 9-day Retreat with Ajahn Brahmali, Australia
Bachelor of Architecture, South Africa (incomplete).