“Just one session with David helped me let go of the stress that had accumulated over the past year; even more valuable are the techniques I learnt to help manage stress in the future.” ~ Tessa Jenkins, London

“After one treatment, I felt relieved from a neck pain that had been there for many years. This was the most therapeutic body treatment I have ever received; I can imagine how wonderful I would feel after other treatments.” ~ Caroline Fisette, Montreal

“David’s connecting and gentle approach to healing with reiki and cranio-sacral therapy set me on a course to feeling more loved than I can remember feeling before. Thank you so much for the experience.” ~ Charlotte leCordier, Paris

“I felt like a broken man this past month. In one session with David, I was able to see and connect all the dots in a way that has been removed from me in a long time.” ~ Marco Littlewood, Perth

“The coaching, healing and support I’ve received from David has set me on a new course of hope and optimism. Not only was I helped with letting go of the past, and grieving the loss of my mother, I was also able to clear anxiety.” ~ Jonathan Singer, San Diego

“I was surprised that the spiritual mediumship of this unique man could help me feel spiritually connected again. I can’t recommend David more highly!” ~ Rosalie Hecht, Ireland

“I regularly attend David’s Qi Gong Healing classes held weekly at the Buddhist Temple in Nollamara. Not only is his dedication valued by attendees, also his patience and spiritual nature always leave me feeling elevated. The meditation at the end is a big highlight. If you are able to attend these classes, I can recommend them highly.” ~ Gina du Pointe