Psychedelic Journeys with a Shamanic-Trained Medical Doctor

Since ancient times, psychedelics have played a transformative role in many cultures. For millenia, shamans, healers, and physicians in cultures worldwide have cultivated their own pathways to the psychedelic realm using local plants and wildlife.

Today, modern research is revealing what has always been true. Psychedelics, like Ketamine, hold the key to unraveling PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. Unlike traditional therapy, many patients report immediate results, clarity, and powerful shifts to uproot deep set negative behaviors.


Ketamine, which is safe and legally available in the United States, is used as an anesthetic in every operating room in the country every day. It produces a dissociated state, where the mind separates from the body, allowing the user to move beyond the realm of day to day life. In low doses the experience can be deeply transformative, and the feeling, tone, dreamlike imagery, and powerful insights are brought back in memory to ordinary waking consciousness.

Dr. Roberts’ Expertise

Combining years of medical practice, and following in the tradition of the Peruvian shamans, education as a Harvard Graduate, modern medical expertise to her guided sessions.

Transformational Medicine is now offering these experiences to seekers of all stripes. 

Our diverse array of patients seek to: 

  • Untie psychological knots
  • Open creative pathways
  • Relieve obsessive thinking
  • Release fear of death

Using focused psychedelic sessions, we create an openness to peace and the loving aspect of life.


Home visits with the doctor and a sitter can be arranged by appointment.

Up to three people can be accommodated for one price $999

Group journeys (up to twelve people) are conducted at a location in Sarasota
$399 (per person)

Call 941-313-2005 for details and scheduling

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