“Dr. Roberts is a uniquely attentive, wise, and calming doctor. I had the pleasure of joining a small group for ketamine treatment led by Dr. Roberts, who did a great job preparing the group and answering all of our questions to put us at ease. I felt safe and monitored at all times. The treatment itself was a gentle and profound experience. It helped me understand the root of my anxiety and showed me a way to change how I respond to triggers in the future. I felt the most improvement in the few days immediately after the therapy, and it’s continued to solidify with time. It’s an experience I believe everyone would benefit from and they’d be lucky to have Dr. Roberts guide them through it.”
— Mikka

“I have struggled with feelings of jealously since childhood, and this has been a very heavy weight on nearly all relationships I have had since. I would traditionally cope by guilt-tripping the other person involved, victimizing myself, and causing arguments for attention. I wanted to work on how this jealousy was causing tension with two of my best friends; during the ketamine treatment, I began to ask myself, “What is the point of all this fighting?” The following days marked one of the first times in my life where I was able to ask that question with intention and objectivity instead of ceaselessly trying to justify my destructive tendencies. What I realized is that the fighting lacked a purpose beyond my own defensive reaction. I was also able to realize that I sought out victimhood, which was a pattern I had adopted in my childhood and still used to this day—notably, I have been going to therapy for years, but this was a realization that surfaced only following ketamine treatments. When guilt-tripping others, I used to feel a very limited sense of relief; by cultivating a deeper understanding of my emotions, ketamine has freed me to pursue an unconditional form of liberation that is solely dependent on my own ability to process my feelings. Since the treatment, I have had a situation arise with my friends in which I would normally have acted with anger coupled with days of passive aggressive avoidance. Rather, it felt more natural this time to wait to respond, meditate/ journal, and simply thank them for their honesty once I felt I had fully worked through how I felt. Both of them reached out to me after to note how stark of a difference this felt from how I have traditionally reacted. It’s been incredibly encouraging to see that other people in my life are also noticing and appreciating the heightened emotional wellness I have felt since undergoing ketamine treatment.
— Sophie

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